“A Single Blade of Grass”

Categories: Faithfulness, Sin


Florida College performed weekly “room checks” in the dorms.  If there was a mess, it was a 5 dollar fine; a fortune at Taco Bell!  I noticed every mess started with a single blade of grass on the floor.  The secret to a clean room was to never ignore that blade.  Tending to the small things kept the big things from ever becoming a problem.  

“It came about when the sons of Israel became strong, they put the Canaanites to forced labor, but they did not drive them out completely”(Joshua 17:13).  To the Israelites, the Canaanites were just a blade of grass and they ignored it.  Yet God warned them, “they will be a snare and a trap to you, and a whip on your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good land…” (23:13).  God knows when we keep the “small” sins around, they create huge problems.  Instead, He urges us to “drive them out and destroy them quickly…” (Deut. 9:3).  All sin is a disaster waiting to happen, so let’s get rid of it now before it comes back to bite us for our eternal room check!  It could cost us our soul!