Palm Springs Drive church of Christ: Who We Are

We’re a group of eternally grateful people saved by Jesus Christ!  We call ourselves “the church of Christ” because we belong to Christ.  We’ve been bought by His blood on the cross (Acts 20:28).  He is our Head, we are His body (Ephesians 1:22-23).  In the Bible, the church includes all the saved all over the world (Matthew 16:18), but we’re a local church that meets together in Altamonte Springs to worship the God who saved us!  

    Romans 16:16 says, “All the churches of Christ greet you!”  

    We do too! 


Come Worship With a Non-Denominational Congregation of Christians!

Whether you're visiting the central Florida area or are looking for a church of Christ near you, we welcome you to join our non-denominational congregation of Christians from all backgrounds and cultures with our local church just North of Orlando.