Study Courses

The following list of courses in PDF format can be freely downloaded and shared with others. It is our hope that these study materials will help you come to a better understanding of Holy Scriptures. If you need help with any aspect of your Bible study or have specific questions about any biblical topic, please contact us.

Acts Study Guide

The Acts of the Apostles Study Guide
by Charlie Brackett

An illustrated guide for study of the Acts of the Apostles in thirteen weeks. Follow in the steps of the apostles as they carry out the Lord's commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Though opposed and persecuted, with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit they established the Lord's church, preached the message of truth, confirmed their message with miraculous power from above, defended themselves in the highest courts of men, converted thousands to the way of the cross, and suffered or died for the cause of Christ. This study will inspire you to continue in their steps, faithful to our Savior. Fourteen lessons suitable for personal or class study. FREE Downloadable PDF with 69 illustrated pages.

Old Testament Survey

Surveying the Old Testament
by Darren Brackett

A study guide by Darren Brackett, Surveying the Old Testament is an historically centered survey designed for use as a teacher/student workbook in a quarterly Bible class program or a study aid during an individual’s reading of the Old Testament. There are thirteen lessons covering high points in the Old Testament history of God's people. Brackett tackles not only the who, what, when, where, etc. of Old Testament history, he makes practical application of the principles that are taught. You'll find this material not only profitable but presented in a very interesting, engaging way. FREE Downloadable PDF with 81 illustrated pages. 

New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey
by Sewell Hall

An excellent study guide by Sewell Hall that leads the student through a survey of the New Testament in 52 lessons. A profitable way to spend a couple of hours each week getting an overview of all 27 books of the New Testament. Good for class or personal study. For understanding this divine collection of books, there is no substitute for a well executed survey such as Sewell Hall's. FREE Downloadable PDF with 156 pages. 

Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter 
by Jim Jonas

The author, Jim Jonas, has captured the essence of Christian Attitudes in this well done study guide. There are 22 lessons with thought-provoking questions that cover topics such as why we do the things we do, how attitudes are shaped, and godly attitudes toward spiritual responsibility, God, worship, the scriptures, and many other aspects of our lives and relationships. Each lesson begins with a few paragraphs of text teaching a lesson on the topic for that week's, followed by questions designed for class discussion. This material can form a solid, scriptural format for an inspiring classroom study. FREE Downloadable PDF with 68 pages.

Speaking Up For Christ

Speaking Up For Christ
by Charlie Brackett

Though faithful in attending all the worship services of the Lord and even busy in the work of the church, many are not proficient in sharing the gospel message with friends and neighbors. The purpose of this study guide is to show the way and provide classroom practice in speaking up for Christ. The first half deals with why we should speak up for Christ and how to do it. The last several lesson deal with prominent denominational beliefs and what the Scripture has to say about each. Fourteen lessons suitable for personal or class study. FREE Downloadable PDF with 44 pages.

How We Got the Bible

How We Got the Bible
By Charlie Brackett

A presentation in outline form of what the Bible is, evidence for its divine, verbal inspiration, and an analysis of the process of transmission that brought it intact to the present time. Includes descriptions of the composition of both Old and New Testaments with a layman's explanation of existing manuscript evidence attesting to their veracity. 8.5x11 FREE Downloadable PDF with 20 pages. 

A Study of Baptism

A Baptism Study Guide
by Charlie Brackett

A comprehensive study of New Testament baptism. This paper's approach of considering what the Word of God says, what it means to the student, and what changes in life should result is patterned after the discussion between Jesus and a lawyer in Luke 10:25-28. Many today ignore or misunderstand biblical baptism. Let's go back to the 1st century to see what God wants us to know about the essential nature of baptism. PDF with 27 pages.